Upcoming Fights — Miguel Cotto vs. James Kirkland

Miguel Cotto vs. James Kirkland

Feb 25, 2017

Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto vs James Kirkland
James Kirkland

(40W-5L-0D) (33 KO)
170 см
The Ring The Ring belts, WBC International WBC International belts, WBO NABO WBO NABO belts

KOs — 73%

Rated at

(32W-2L-0D) (28 KO)
175 см
Light middleweight
WBO NABO WBO NABO belts, WBC Continental Americas WBC Continental Americas belts
KOs — 82%

Miguel Cotto vs James Kirkland

Feb 25, 2017, The Ford Center at The Star, Frisco, Texas, U.S. Miguel Cotto vs. James Kirkland

This would be Cotto’s first fight since a decision loss to Canelo Alvarez in November 2015. It would also be Kirkland’s first fight since May 2015 where he was knocked out by Alvarez

The fight will be broadcast on HBO pay-per-view in America and is the last outing of Cotto’s contract with Roc Nation Sports.

Ticket prices for this bout are set at $304, $204, $154, $104, $79, $54 and $29, which is a far cry from the $12 million gate he did for the Canelo fight.

Miguel Cotto Greatest Hits — knockout

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James Kirkland Greatest Hits — knockout

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Miguel Cotto vs. James Kirkland
Miguel Cotto vs. James Kirkland

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Cotto vs Kirkland

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